ENGINEERING & construction

In addition to proprietary products, our development department primarily implements customer developments. Upon request, we can manufacture the resulting solutions comletely, assemble and put them into operation.

In order to fully meet your requirements, we also work together with external specialists.

We are well equipped:
•    3 CAD stations with Inventor 2017 (3D) and AUTOCAD 2017
•    DXF, STEP import and export enabled
•    A0 large format printer HP Designjet T520

Project examples Special Machines

Spray Robots

Three different types of spray robots have been developed for the precise discharge of test liquids in the chemical industry. The robots are built on various basic machines: pedestal tractor, trailer and on a tracked dumper. On each robot up to 80 test tubes with test products can be inserted. These are mixed up and then precisely discharged on the test area.

Tabbing machine for pizzas

Pizzas exit production and enter the tabbing machine. Cardboard tabs from a hopper are attached to the pizzas, labelled by laser print and glued on.


Details to the Tabbing Machine

Capsule tester

Coffee capsules are inserted in the tester manually. Following the start-up of the machine, various methods are employed to run a fully automatic capsule quality test.


Details to the Capsule Tester

Examples Packaging Machines

We are specialists for complex cartons in best quality! Our experience allows us to find a solution for each packaging which can also be used industrially.

Horizontal cartoner

Horizontal cartoner

This type of machine is used to erect a pre-glued carton (case) in such a way that a tube is formed. In a further step, the product, a bag or a carton base is pushed horizontally into the formed tube. The packaging is sealed in the final step.



Carton erector

carton erector

In the carton erector, a folding tool with a forming head is used to punch, glue or hook a carton from the hopper to form the packaging base or lid. In general, the base then is filled with products automatically and the packaging is sealed by a lid.