Carton erector


In the carton erector, a folding tool with a forming head is used to punch, glue or hook a carton from the hopper to form the packaging base or lid. In general, the base then is filled with products automatically and the packaging is sealed by a lid.






Output range

up to 80 packets/min. according to material and packaging format


Format range

Blank ca.530 x 450 mm


Standard equipment

  • pressure regulated blanks hopper
  • frequency converter
  • oil-free vacuum pump
  • PLC control


Required personnel

1 part-time staff to load the hopper and to monitor the system


Format change

replacement parts / adjustable


Changeover period

ca. 20 minutes


Additional equipment

  • minimum level control in blanks hopper with visual display
  • conveyor belt
  • external photocell control
  • double head erection tools
  • pneumatic packaging output