Carton erector


In the carton erector ZetUP, a folding tool with a forming head is used to punch, glue or hook a carton from the hopper to form the packaging base or lid. In general, the base then is filled with products automatically and the packaging is sealed by a lid.


The sale of spare parts as well as the service of these machines is now completely guaranteed by TecSup GmbH. This step became necessary after the Zeiler AG company sold the ZetEngineering division to the Migros subsidiary Limmattdruck AG, which in turn was sold to the RLC Packaging Group. In 2018, ZetEngineering was closed without replacement by the RLC.




Output range

up to 80 packets/min. according to material and packaging format


Format range

Blank ca.530 x 450 mm


Standard equipment

  • pressure regulated blanks hopper
  • frequency converter
  • oil-free vacuum pump
  • PLC control


Required personnel

1 part-time staff to load the hopper and to monitor the system


Format change

replacement parts / adjustable


Changeover period

ca. 20 minutes


Additional equipment

  • minimum level control in blanks hopper with visual display
  • conveyor belt
  • external photocell control
  • double head erection tools
  • pneumatic packaging output